On September 1st 2007 we left the home we inhabited for the past two years in South Hadley Massachusetts. Colleen and Yaya are flying to Columbus Ohio while I am driving the ultra-packed Vibe to Chicago to store the possesions we have decided to retain before meeting up with them in Columbus to begin our Coast2Coast RoadTrip. We have 36 days to get to LA from which we will fly out for FIJI on the evening of October 9th. We will be in Fiji from October 11th (we lose a day crossing the International Date Line) until October 28th awhen we fly to Christchurch New Zealand for a 2 month stay working on Organic Farms as part of the Willing Workers on Organic Farms (WWOOF) program. On January 8th we leave New Zealand and fly to Hawaii just in time for Ambiana's 2nd birthday. We will be joined there by my brothers Ben and Tony and will begin to build my Momma her LoveShack outside of Na'alehu on the Big Island. You can follow our adventures in each place by clicking on the appropriate Icon and keep in touch with us vis email! We hope you enjoy following along with our Adventures!!!