Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sox 1-4 since ALL Star Break

Clay Bucholtz got the win in his 1st major League start in 2009 but the Sox have lost 4 in a row since then, dropping the last 2 to the Jays and the 1st 2 to the Rangers down in Texas. The Sox have released Lugo and activated lowell and Lowrie but the offense still can not buy a hit when needed and now Wakefield is on the 15 day DL abd Bucholtz is back in the rotation as the Sox slip into 2nd place a game behind the Yanks and 3.5 ahead of the Rays. Penny,Lester, Smoltz and now Beckett have gone down in defeat since the break.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All Star Break Mid-Season Report

54 and 24, 3 games on the Yanks and 6 plus on the Rays at the All-Star break. !st half stories are The 3 Yankee sweeps, Jacoby stealing home, Big Papi's 1st Homer watch, Nick Green at Shortstop, distant is the 2-6 start. The Sox offense has been absent the past 2-3 weeks, Youk and Bay are weathering slumps with signs of emergence. Mike Lowell has been on the DL and is set to return as is Jed Lowrie who went down a week into the season. Will Lugo be with the Sox much longer?

I have weened myself from having to hear every pitch but still like to listen when i am around a radio but did not wander Solafest with a walkman, that there was no reception was not a factor. Sox are 1-1 in games I have attended. 3-1 in games my mom has been to and 1-2 in games Gaelen has attended. Fenway is not the same as it was in the late 80's, neither is Boston for that matter.

Bucholtz goes Friday, hope he does well. 4 days without baseball is a long time. I didn't watch the All-Star game but the AL won anyway!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sox beat A's 5-2

Beckett gave up a 1st inning homer but then stayed strong as the Sox bats finally came alive behind J Bay's 20th homer of the season and pap got his 21st save.

The Sox have 6 All Stars: Pedrioa and Bay starting, Youk as a reserve and Wakefield, Becket and Pap all making the trip. The Sox maintained their 1 game lead in the AL East