Colleen wrote and emailed our friends with kids to send her pictures of their kids for a book of Ambiana's friends. Out of this she made two books, making up captions, laying out and laminating the pictures and tying them together with yarn. She made 2 books of Ambiana's friends and has another book or 2 of Ambiana's family in the works. Ambiana squeals when she sees Gaelen and loves the picture of Miles with the ball,




Since Ambiana began crawling she loves to pull things off the front of the fridge so crafty Colleen got to work and is making a set of AlphaBet magnets for her to play with (11 moons, never too soon to learn your letters :) She bought a set of wooden letters and is dying them different colors using all-natural ingredients; Beets=Red, Tumeric=Yellow, Blueberries=Blue, Plantain does not= Green so she is hoping Spinach will. It does! :)


Ambiana's crawling has broadened her world and she has discovered steps and stairs in places she visits as we don't have any in our house. The one place she could use a step is between the floor and our bed as she can pull her self to a standing position but it is a mighty big stretch to climb up upon the bed from that position. So Daddy-Moch got to work and took one of the stations from the canoe mold, nailed a few boards to it to make it the right height and carpeted it with a piece of the purple carept from his beloved truck. Now Ambiana can get from the floor to the bed and we are working on teaching her to turn around and crawl down backwards but she still rather plunge off headlong and headfirst.