At the turn of the Century in the year 2000 in the town of Girdwood Alaska, Mochi was working @ the Bake Shop when one afternoon in August Molly walked in...


3 moons later she was pregnant; Gaelen in her belly :)

Mochi and Molly's relationship was tumultuous at best and Molly relocated to Ft. Collin's Colorado where she gave birth, on July 25th 2001, to Gaelen with Mochi by her side.

Here is a slideshow I made in honor of Gaelen's 1st Birthday

The brief reconcilliation prior to Gaelen's birth did not survive past September of that same year when Molly moved back to Ohio to be near her famliy. Mochi also moved back to Ohio to be near Gaelen. Mochi returned to Alaska in may of 2002 hoping to bring Molly and Gaelen North later that year. They did visit in the Fall but did not relocate and Mochi returned to Ohio in late 2002. He returned again to Alaska in July of 2003 right before Molly and Gaelen moved to Cottonwood Arizona. That move lasted a month before they returned to Ohio and found a nice house in Lancaster. In early 2004 Mochi bought his beloved truck and drove to Lancaster where he spent the Spring& Summer living in his truck and spending lots of time with Gaelen. It was during this time that Mochi met Colleen and Molly met John.

When the Molly and Gaelen moved to Massachusetts to live with John in 2004 Mochi and Colleen decided to spend the Winter in Alaska before moving to Massachusetts in the summer of 2005 to be near Gaelen.

In 2006 Gaelen became a big brother not once but twice. Here he is with Ambiana born January 9th 2006...

And with Eden born April 29th 2006 :)

In January of 2007 Molly left John taking Gaelen and Eden with her and moved in with us in South Hadley. They spent 6 months with us, through the Winter, Spring and into the Summer. It was a full house to say the least. I was thrilled to be able to live with Gaelen 24/7 and be able to have the chance to be a parent. There were highs and lows. The lowest being that we never jelled into a big happy family but as the picture above shows we were in effect 2 families living under one roof. It was confusing for Gaelen in that I went from friend to father and was now always telling him what to do. What was more confusing was that he saw Colleen, Ambiana and me as an intact loving family while he was alone with his mother and Eden with no father snugglin' his mother. He reacted to this by being at times very angry and sullen with me, rejecting the love I had to offer him.

We did do a lot together, we enrolled him in swimming lessons at the Y, signed him up for T-Ball and took him with us to Boston several times and up to Massena NY for his great-grandmother's funeral where he met his extended Travii family for the 1st time. We spent many hours in the backyeard swinging the bat and playing catch as well as a lot of time on the Red Sox Porch as SuperHeros gave way to Big Papi and Coco Crisp. We also went to 2 Red Sox games at Fenway Park. Molly wanted to return to Ohio in July but was ordered by the Court at the request of Eden's father John to remain in Massachusetts so after a month of searching she found a 2 bedroom place 40 miles north of us in Erving where they moved on July 21st 2007. We are leaving Massachusetts at the end of August for a big trip to Fiji, NZ and Hawai'i, until then we will have Gaelen Thursday night through Sunday evening and then hope to have him come with Gamma to Hawai'i in April of 2008.